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Lash Extensions

There is only so much volume and length that you can achieve with mascara but with lash extensions, eyelashes can be stunningly enhanced in a natural looking way. Lash extensions effortlessly enhance your eyes and make them appear more lively from the moment you wake up in the morning – no mascara needed!


At our Lash Studio in Cabramatta, we specialise in 3D - 5D Russian Volume Extensions. 3D Russian Volume is where 3 lash extension fibres are applied to one natural lash using a semi-permanent bonding adhesive, this is commonly referred to as 3:1.  3D Russian Volume provide more volume as well as length to the natural lashes.  Since lash extensions are lightweight, they should feel like your natural lashes. 

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The Application of 3D Russian Volume lashes is a delicate procedure that should be done by an experience professional. If the extensions are not applied correctly, it can cause damage to the natural lashes by pulling them as they grow. 



Depending on how well they are cared for, 3D Russian Volume lashes will fall off with the cycle of the natural lashes - typically 4-6 weeks. 

Just as with your nails, your lash extensions can be touched up to keep them luscious every 3-4 weeks. 

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